D.I.Y. Bentonite Clay Facial Mask

Hey there!! On YouTube and Pinterest I’ve seen people use bentonite clay as a mask on their face.  So, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about.  Before using the mask, I did a little research to see what the claims of bentonite clay facial masks were.  Some of the claims were that it shrinks and unclogs pores, controls the overproduction of sebum (essentially, the oil your skin produces), draws out toxins, makes skin softer/exfoliates, gives skin a glow, and evens skin tone.  After my research, I really was excited to try this out, because who doesn’t want all of those things?!

Here’s how I made the mask:

Note:  if you have sensitive skin, you might want to try this mask with water the first time and gradually add in some ACV each time after that to see how your skin will react!  Here is what the mixture will look like if you use water instead of ACV:

It’s a clumpier mixture and won’t spread as easy, but still does the trick!

The apple cider vinegar reacts with the bentonite clay.  This creates a mixture that feels airy and foamy.  I applied a thick layer of the mask to my face until it dried down (about 20 minutes).  Then, washed it off with warm water.  You’ll need a washcloth to really get everything off your face!

As the mask dried down I felt it really pull at my skin.  It made my face itchy and slightly uncomfortable (beauty is pain, after all ;), which is something I’ve experienced with other clay masks.  You can always reduce the amount of time that you leave the mask on for if it’s too intense.  On the label of the bentonite clay that I bought,  it says you will feel a tightening and pulling sensation and that your skin will be a little red once rinsing off, but that goes away within a few minutes.

description on the back of the tub!

I was skeptical if this mask would actually do anything for my skin, but after rinsing it off I noticed a few things: the pores on my nose and cheeks were noticeably smaller, my skin looked more luminous and felt more smooth, exfoliated and firm!  I’m going to keep using this mask twice a week to see if I notice any more benefits from it, but I’m honestly impressed!!!

I’ll keep you updated!  Let me know what you think if you try it out! Here’s the link to the buy the bentonite clay that I used: https://goo.gl/28UMZl

xoxo, Jenn

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