Oval Makeup Brushes!

Happy Friday, loves!

Recently, I was sent an oval makeup brush set from Simple Glam Girls (click here to be redirected to their website!).  I’ve never used oval makeup brushes, so I was super excited when Simple Glam Girls reached out to me.

The shape of the brushes makes it comfortable to use and fit perfectly in your hand.  These brushes are extremely soft and applies cream products beautifully!

DSCN0721 (2)

I normally use a beauty sponge to blend out concealer, but I tried out a smaller oval brush and I was seriously impressed by how smooth and flawless it applied my concealer.  When I use a sponge I always have to set my concealer, so it doesn’t crease, but with the oval brush I didn’t have to!  (I’m guessing it’s because the sponge is damp, so it’s adding moisture to the product.)

DSCN0720 (2)

If you’re interested in buying from Simple Glam Girls you can use my code “youngblissfulbeauty” to save 20% site wide! (this is an affiliate code)




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