Smashbox + Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette!

Happy Tuesday, beauties!  This weekend, I picked up the Pearl Spotlight Palette by Smashbox + Casey Holmes at Sephora.  There are two Spotlight Palettes, gold or pearl.  I decided to go with pearl since I have a fair complexion with pink undertones, so I thought it would be more flattering.

spotlight palette

Each Spotlight Palette comes with three shades.  The pearl palette shades are: Turn it on Pearl, Crank it up Pearl, and Blow a Fuse Pearl.  Turn it on Pearl doesn’t have any glitter and I think it’s perfect for an everyday look.  Crank it up Pearl and Blow a Fuse Pearl both have flecks of glitter in them, but when you have it on your face it doesn’t look too glittery, which I was worried about.  I think these two shades would be perfect for a night out!

I also love mixing shades!  I like applying Turn it on Pearl and then adding a touch of Blow a Fuse Pearl on top for a more intense highlight.

IMG_3928 (1)
Top to bottom: Blow a Fuse Pearl, Crank it up Pearl, Turn it on Pearl

These highlights don’t emphasize any texture and add a beautiful, luminous glow that is perfect for spring and summer! The formula is smooth and not too powdery.  They apply like a dream!  (I just use a fan brush).  I am already in love with the Pearl Spotlight Palette and I think Casey Holmes did an amazing job on this collaboration with Smashbox!

spotlight pearl 2 (2)
Here I am hearing Turn it on Pearl on the top of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, on my brow bone, and on the inner corner of my eye!


Let me know if you’ve tried the Spotlight Palette and how you like it, because I’m obsessed!




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