ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip – Review and Swatches!

Happy Wednesday, loves!  As some of you may know, ColourPop has recently released a new line of lip products, called ultra blotted lip.  When I first saw ColourPop testing them out on their Insta story I knew I had to have them!


ColourPop’s ultra blotted lips are one of a kind.  When you apply one layer, it gives your lips a nice tint of color.  With two layers, the color is nearly opaque.  Once the product dries down it feels like you have nothing on your lips!!!  This is the most comfortable formula I have ever tried.  In the past I have tried lip stains, but they always leave my lips dry, or the product looks patchy on.  The swatches of the ultra blotted lip looks patchy, but when you apply it to your lips it looks like one smooth layer.  I think this is because the formula is very wet, and it doesn’t dry down right away, so you have time to rub your lips together for the formula to spread evenly.

“slide” (L) and “split” (R)

Another great thing about the ultra blotted lips is that they are transfer proof, and long wearing!  So, you can apply ultra blotted lip before going into work and won’t have to worry about your lipstick disappearing in two hours.  I noticed as the ultra blotted lip was wearing off, it didn’t appear patchy or clump off.  The color just gradually wore down, which I love!


Oh, and did I mention these are only $6?!  You can’t beat that price, and right now ColourPop has free domestic shipping!

I plan to buy more ultra blotted lips soon!  I hope you all have a beautiful day!




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