Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks and Gloss – Hit or Miss?!

Hello, loves!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but since starting my summer internship things have been a little crazy!

Last month, May 5th-6th,  Kylie Cosmetics had a buy one get one free sale.  Sooooo I decided it was finally time to pull the trigger and pick up my first lip kit!  During this sale I ended up getting Maliboo and Ginger.  And because the processing took so long they threw in a So Cute gloss for free, so that totally made up for the 2 and a half weeks of processing and shipping!

So Cute

On May 31st, Kylie Cosmetics Launched 4 more shades to add to the Koko Collection: Doll, Baby Girl, Bunny, and Sugar Plum.  The collection is $40 and all the shades are gorgeous for summer!  When I found out there was free domestic shipping I was sold!

Sugar Plum
Baby Girl


Overall, I really like the formula of the matte lipsticks.  On me, they aren’t very drying and sometimes I forget that I’m wearing a matte lipstick.  The only lipstick that is more drying than the rest is Maliboo, but it’s still comfortable.  I just make sure I apply a lip balm before wearing it.  The formula is very thin and doesn’t take too long to dry down.  I also love how pigmented the lipsticks are because I only have to apply one layer.

As far as the lip glosses go, I’m honestly not a huge fan.  They are very thick and opaque. Personally, I prefer a thinner and less opaque gloss.  So, when I do use the gloss I only use a very tiny amount.

Wear time

On me, the mattes last several hours without touch-ups.  Some of the darker shades get patchy when they wear off or start to wear off in the center of the lips first, so it does look a little funny.  But really, that’s my only complaint as far as the mattes go.

For the lip glosses, the wear time is about 2 hours on me.   Obviously, this isn’t a long time, but I don’t expect glosses to last long anyways.


Both the mattes and glosses have a very strong vanilla scent, but it does go away after applying.


top to bottom: baby girl, doll, bunny, maliboo, ginger
So Cute (top), Sugar Plum (bottom)
with flash
Wearing Baby Girl
Wearing Maliboo (this pic is obvs pre tan! LOL)

Overall, the matte liquid lipsticks are a HIT! They are very comfortable, not too drying, and the shade range is so unique.  Previously, I loved the ABH and Colour Pop matte liquid lipsticks.

The lip glosses are unfortunately a MISS for me.  Like I said, I prefer a thinner formula when it comes to lip gloss.

What are your favorite Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks or products?  I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week!

xoxo, Jenn

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