Jaclyn Hill x Morphe – The Jaclyn Hill Palette

On Wednesday, June 21st – Morphe Brushes launched The Jaclyn Hill Palette. The Jaclyn Hill Palette has been long awaited in the beauty community.  Jaclyn and Linda Morphe (owner of Morphe Brushes) started working on this palette two years ago!  Jaclyn Hill is huge in the beauty community, with 4.2 million followers on Instagram and YouTube.

When I found out the date and time of the release I made sure I had nothing going on at that time because I knew it was going to sell out quick!  I felt like I was a kid again buying tickets to a Jonas Brother concert.  Lol!  The palette ending up selling out in less than an hour, but I’ve heard Morphe plans on restocking it, so make sure you are signed up to get Morphe emails if you missed out the first time around!


As far as the palette goes, it has 35 shades and is $38.  So, that comes down to $1.09 a shadow, which I think is an awesome price.  The palette comes with a wide variety of colors, and I truly don’t see myself needing another eye shadow palette anytime soon, because this one has it all!  My only complaint about the packaging is that it gets dirty super easily, and can be hard to wipe off an kick up you get from shadows.  I think if the packaging had a more glossy finish, it wouldn’t get as dirty.


The formula of the eye shadow is beautiful!  The mattes blend so effortlessly and the shimmers are so pigmented!!! I was expecting to have to wet my brush to build the intensity, but that wasn’t even necessary.  In Jaclyn’s reveal video she talked about how each shadow was pressed differently (watch video here: The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette Reveal + Swatches )  This makes it so each shadow can perform at its best, because in order for a matte red shade to be pigmented and blendable, it needs to be pressed and milled differently than a shimmery taupe.  Typically, an eye shadow palette will be pressed all the same, because it is time and cost efficient.  So, that’s what makes this palette unique!


Out of all the shades I’ve tried so far, I haven’t had any problems blending them or building up the pigmentation.  Like I said, the only complaint I have is that the packaging gets dirty easily.  I can’t wait to create more looks using this palette!




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