Loreal Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

Influenster sent me two shades of their new pro matte liquid lipstick complimentary in exchange for my review!  The two shades they sent me were Cowboy and Milk and Cookies.

Milk and Cookies (left) and Cowboy (right)

The info card they sent me with the lipsticks described them as intense high pigment shades, full coverage, comfortable, and long wearing.  The complete line is 12 modern shades.


  • Very long lasting!
  • I LOVE the applicator.  Makes it super easy to apply and create sharp, precise lines.
  • Doesn’t bleed/feather – no need for a lip liner.
  • Shade range
  • Super duper opaque!  No need for two coats of lipstick.
  • Vanilla/sweet scent – my fave!
  • High end packaging



  • Felt slightly sticky on my lips even after a couple hours
  • Feels like you’re wearing a liquid lipstick.
    • My favorite liquid lipstick is the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and I sometimes forget that I’m wearing it when I have this one on.

Overall, I like this liquid lipstick and I’ll wear it again, but it’s definitely not my favorite formula.   I’m super excited to bust these shades out during fall and winter!

Cowboy (top) and Milk and Cookies (bottom)




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